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Tree Roots

Mental Health Therapy


I believe in the importance of creating a space where you are free to embody, explore and strengthen your whole self, while grounding in a safe therapeutic environment.

**Currently accepting clients. I work with mostly adults, teens, and children ages 6-14 on a limited basis. I also work with couples.

Therapy & Coaching Modalities & Approaches:

*Reiki-Infused Mental Health Therapy & Coaching

*EMDR (Eye-Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing)

*Somatic & Poly-Vagal techniques to address body & nervous system

*Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Narrative Therapy, Systems Theory, Attachment-Based, Strengths-Based & Solutions-Focused

*Play Therapy

*Humanist, Client Centered

*Meditation & Mindfulness 

*Transpersonal & Energy Psychology

Populations/Specialtiesall ages, please see above


EMDR-(EMDRIA trained)





Diverse Populations

Attachment struggles

Life Transitions/Challenges

Life Path & Spiritual Coaching

Marginalized Populations

Relationship Struggles

Women & Men's Issues

Peri-Natal & Post-Partum


Parenting Support

Parent-Child Relationships

Neuro-Divergent Identifying/ADHD/Autism

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a powerful healing method that is so effective on it's own, or in conjunction with holistic mental health therapy. I'm honored to be able to bring this to all of my clients.

Reiki-Infused Therapy:

When it is the best fit for my clients, I am happy to integrate reiki into mental health therapy & coaching sessions.

I also conduct Reiki as an exclusive service, in hour increments.

Reiki comes from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) & “ki” (life energy). Reiki is a type of energy healing. Reiki has been around for thousands of years. Its current form was first developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui, who reportedly taught 2,000 people the Reiki method during his lifetime. The practice spread to the U.S. through Hawaii in the 1940s, & then to Europe in the 1980s.

Energy healing targets the energy fields around our bodies. Energy can stagnate where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness & "dis-ease". Reiki is known to assist in our body’s natural healing process, & develop emotional, mental & spiritual well-being.  

At the simplest level, Reiki treatment can help lessen the impact of stress & release tension from our entire system. With the goal of moving toward your own unique balance in body, Reiki can promote your body’s own healing mechanisms to function more effectively. Reiki can be done from a distance, by hovering over the body, and/or can incorporate light touch according to your preference.

Traveling in Nature

Life & Soul Path Coaching

Sometimes life takes us in a direction we never expected, and we feel uprooted and unsure about next steps. Sometimes our soul shows us things we didn't expect or don't understand. Sometimes our whole being will ask us to "get real" and get honest about who we really are, and what we really want and need to experience more joy and wholeness as we walk our life path. When our inner knowing and experiences aren't "typical", it can be difficult to speak our truth and get support.

As the energy of our planet evolves, our understanding and awareness evolves too. Some are finding heightened awareness and sensitivity that requires a new approach, and a different level of understanding and support.

Whether your experiencing challenging life and personal transitions, or seeking someone to walk with you as you traverse new or on-going spiritual experiences, know that you aren't alone. I will walk beside you.  Whether you're going through a mind/body/soul transformation & evolution, or you'd like to, I can help you ground your experiences in your strengths in order to make adaptive changes and live a more present, intentional and inspired life.


Contact me with questions, for scheduling, and for more information!

EMDR Therapy & Intensives

EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a type of therapy developed to treat symptoms of PTSD and trauma. It is non-invasive and research based. EMDR can also be used to work on a broad range of issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

While it can produce extraordinary results, it is not for everyone. I can help you determine if EMDR would be a good fit for you.

If EMDR is a good fit, I provide holistic tools to support the EMDR process.

EMDR Intensives are available for established clients that have been previously approved for EMDR.

If criteria is met, intensive EMDR sessions can last up from 2 to 5 hours long.

Contact me to inquire about EMDR therapy, and schedule.
For more info about EMDR, go to

Hiking Trail

Guided Mindfulness & Meditation

*Please reach out with your professional development and group needs for schools, workplaces & team-building, and community organizations.

I am passionate about bringing these practices to people in all kinds of spaces & settings.


In today's busy world, there are a million things that can distract us, steal out energy and sense of peace, and take us away from the present moment.

I will lead you through practices that encourage awareness, relaxation, connection to self, increased ability to sit with and move through difficult emotions, stress relief, and increased resilience for life's up's and down's.

The power of learning & using these practices is the power of coming back into the present, and establishing greater peace and relaxation internally through mindful connection. When we are more connected to ourselves, and with greater peace, we have more space internally to connect to others in a healthy way.

Mindful and meditative practices have existed in various religious and cultural communities around the world, and for thousands of years.

I lead individuals and groups through meditations and mindfulness that are non-religious in nature and therefore inclusive and accessible regardless of religious affiliation or spiritual orientation.



Dancing in Park

I can't wait to walk with you on your journey.
I'll see you under the Linden Tree. 

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