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Root into Self.
Expand into Healing.

Where science-based methods integrate with body/mind/soul practices

to promote holistic well-being


For centuries, and for people around the world,

the Linden Tree has symbolized & embodied healing, strength,

and divine connection...

Providing shelter to heal deeply, & grow more joyful, peaceful &

grounded selves.

A picture of the therapist smiling

Kristine Lindell, MS, LMHC  She/Her/Hers


At Linden Tree Healing & Therapy I provide trauma-informed mental health and healing services that encompass and incorporate your whole being-

body, mind, and soul.

All services are grounded in a blend of scientifically-based methods and holistic practices, tailored to the needs, desires, and goals of each client. 

When we experience hardship or trauma, our whole being is affected. I employ trauma-informed modalities, energy healing and other techniques that address the root of trauma responses, and engage your whole being in the healing process.


We will create an environment of collaboration, with you as my guide--to build skills that empower change. You will discover and connect with your inner strengths, and experience the healing that comes from connecting to and acknowledging all aspects of yourself.

In sessions with me, I invite you to utilize your creativity and expression, connect to your inner spark, and root into the Earth to experience a life filled with less limitations, and more joy.



Mental Health & EMDR Therapy

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing

Candlesticks & tea lights

Life & Soul Path Coaching

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